List of Environmental Information Systems

This page offers a comprehensive list to Environmental Information Systems defined as ‘a coordinated assemblage of people, devices or other resources designed to exchange data or knowledge concerning any aspect of the ecosystem, the natural resources within or, more generally, the external factors surrounding and affecting human life’. [source: GEMET, General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus].

– To view the entries on the list select your country, selection starts type the first characters of the countries

– Column CF indicates that entry is used in the evaluation resulting in the country fiches

– Column source indicates how it is included in the list:

  • Initial: by the inventory carried out by the project team
  • Workshop: proposed in one of the workshop in the project
  • Survey: proposed by respondents of the survey to collect the Environmental information system
  • inCF: added in the process of the evaluation for creating the country fiches

Note: the list is a result of the project, it is neither an official nor a formal list of the Commission and reflects the situation on different dates in 2018.